Ana María Arévalo


Ana María Arévalo

Because of the Venezuelan crisis, in 2009 Ana decided to move to Toulouse, France. She lived and studied in this city for 4 years. She studied political sciences for a year, Ana went to the ETPA, "école supérieure de photographie".

During her studies, she developed a taste for the in-depth documentary style. She keeps developing and refining through the years. In 2011 she met a family of Rumanian gypsies in Toulouse. Over a period of three years she learned the principles of documenting humans with them. "Les Gitans de Toulouse" is the beginning of a defining work that will mark her style. Ana moved to Hamburg in 2014. Since then, she works as a freelance photojournalist.

In 2017, she went back to the place she still calls "home", Venezuela. She started to spend long periods of time documenting the current crisis. Her work "Días eternos" is her first long-form work, she photograped and interviewed women in detention centers. The most challeging piece of work she had done is called "the meaning of life". It is an intimate story about her husband's fight with testicular cancer. Which she uses to create awareness about this disease. Her work has been published in international news medias. The NYT, LFI Magazine, DUMMY, Wordt Vervoldt, Libération, Tal Cual, El Pais Semanal, Der Spiegel, etc.

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